about nriva

NRIVA is a non-profit Vasavi cultural and Social association based in North America. NRIVA formed to help under privileged people in the areas of Education and Health. NRIVA is a registered Non-profit organization in USA. Everyone can help the underprivileged through NRIVA. Goal of NRIVA is to and help the society and unprivileged members of community and to spread the message of Vasavi Matha: DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA

Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari Devi (Also known as Vasavi Matha) sacrificed her life to avoid the bloodshed and war. Her message to the world is Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa (Dharma-Integrity-Non Violence), which was also followed by great people like Jesus Christ, Budha, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu.

Introduction of NRIVA

NRI Vasavi Association is a social and cultural non-profit organization for all Vasavi followers across the globe. NRIVA is connecting all Vasavites and serving the entire community in India and abroad. NRIVA has participation of intellectuals and leaders from all over the world. NRIVA Local chapters in USA and other countries are very active in different activities in their locations. NRIVA successfully running the Monthly Newsletter to keep all Vasavi community informed about the news and NRIVA activities. NRIVA activities are also aimed to recognize the talent and creativity in the community. NRIVA’s Adopt-A-Student program will help the ‘under privileged’ students all over the world, in which NRIVA members adopt needy students and help them throughout the selective program. With effective organizational efforts and dedicated hard work, our organization is growing very rapidly

Mission Statement

  • To connect all Vasavites globally to serve the community
  • Help underprivileged people in the areas of Education and Health
  • Preserve and promote our culture and Values
  • Bring awareness about the History of Vasavi Matha’s self-immolation and the sacrifices made by our families of 102 gothrajas and spread the Vasavi Matha’s message “Dharmam, Seelam/Integrity and Non-Violence” to the world.

Recognition of Sri Vasavi Temples world wide

  • To recognize all Vasavi temples, institutions like Vasavi Sathrams and Hostels.
  • To coordinate the programs of NRIVA in association with Vasavi temples and other Vasavi organizations.
  • To establish a direct connection with all Vasavi Temples and other Vasavi organizations.
  • To celebrate Sri Vasavi Jayanthi across the globe, and to observe Sri Vasavi Matha Atmarpana Dinam and Sri.Potti Sriramulu jayanthi annually world wide in recognition of greatness and sacrifice.