Dr. Jayasimha Sunku
- Chairman

Dear Members,

Dear Extended Families,

It is my great privilege to address our Vasavite community through our Vasavi Vani Magazine. First, I would like to offer my prayers and gratitude to our Vasavi Ammavaru and ask her to bless us and the world with her grace, and to guide us past the vast challenges endured over the past year. May she give us all the strength to persevere through any remaining obstacles and move forward.

I am continuously impressed by the members of the NRIVA whose tireless efforts have made a big impact in uplifting our community in the USA and in India through these tumultuous times. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for all you have contributed, big or small, as your combined efforts have made a difference in countless lives.

To be honest, due to the speed and intensity of the second COVID-19 wave that hit our homeland, I had reservations about whether the NRIVA could really provide meaningful support to those in need. The Vasavite community, committed to their essential businesses providing critical services and goods in an already difficult time, was hit particularly hard by the Delta variant. Despite these circumstances, I am proud to report that NRIVA provided support to our community and extended families that far exceeded anyone’s initial expectations. Our team displayed great adaptability, dedication, and resourcefulness in our efforts to assist our families and communities in need back home, and have left a lasting impact across several national and international organizations who were previously ignorant to NRIVA. Not only are our members uplifting the lives of those across the world, but also defining our organization and community as a charitable and capable force in the eyes of our international peers. This is what defines the NRIVA community.

Since my last communication to you all, our organization has hit several milestones, including the successful virtual matrimony events hosted by our Matrimony Committee, which connected Vasavites across the world and yielded multiple matches; the Vasavi Vidyanidhi fund for educating the underprivileged both here in the USA and in India; increased engagement across all our flagship programs: Adopt A Student, Adopt A Parent, and Adopt A Village during the Vision20ONE term; and the enchanting Vasavi Nruthyanjali, witnessed by the entire Vasavi community. Through our cultural activities, we were able to highlight perishing art forms like “Surabhi”, and through our business initiatives we were able to educate and empower members through the unveiling of our remarkable business resource: the Vasavi ONE Marketplace (VOM). We also provided numerous enrichment opportunities for members such as webinars on immigration, educational sessions for youth through the education committee, and NBaT. These accomplishments and more will be outlined in detail throughout this magazine.

As Chairman of the NRIVA, I am proud to inform you that our organization is on a sustainable path to the expansion of our membership and services, as well as the establishment of additional chapters. We are also making sustained efforts to expand and engage with families beyond Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka, while continuing efforts to assist families in the USA and their relatives in India who are facing tough times.

I am looking forward to our 6th Global Convention scheduled for July 2022 in Chicago. I hope to see you all in person for this event so that we may deliberate, celebrate, and continue our work in the service of our families and communities. I cannot wait to see what heights we reach, as I truly believe the opportunities are limitless for our community.

Jai Vasavi Matha! Jai Jai Vasavi Matha!

Yours truly,

Dr. Jayasimha Sunku

Chairman, NRIVA

Board Of Directors Of The NRIVA

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