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Topic : Wallstreet Strategies

Rajendra Prasad, MD, FRCPC’s family name is Grandhe. His family migrated from Andhra 1000 years ago to Udumalpet, near Coimbatore.

In 1992 he passed series 7, 63 and 65 and registered with SEC as a registered investment advisor. In 1990s he published a newsletter called “The Mutual Funds Leader”. It was a market timing newsletter. He was one of the top timers in Timer Digest, a publication from Connecticut in the 90s for many years. In the late 1998 he started a mutual fund called “Prasad Growth Fund” which was one of the best funds in the USA on and off for several years. Starting in 2009 it did not do well and he sold the fund in 2014. He was a regular guest on TV, KWHY Business Channel in Los Angeles to talk about stocks and mutual funds. He was quoted many times in the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily. He has published two e-books under the pen name of “Mr. Market”. The first one was published through, called “Wall Street Dos and Don’ts/ Formulas to Make Money”. The second e-book was for people of India. It was “Become a Crorepati/ Invest in Indian Mutual Funds”.

God;s work: He has donated his house in India; built three class rooms and an auditorium in Sri Kannika Parameswari School in Udumalpet, Tamilanadu (his native place). His grandfather had started this school 108 years ago and now it has 3,500 students. He is a donor in crematorium, blood bank, Sri SKP wedding chapel; He pays for 75 cataract extractions a year to poor people. In the USA he is a founding member of Sri Venkateswara Temple in Calabasas, CA. In 1991 he started “USA Match for Life”, an organization to recruit donors for bone marrow/stem cell donation which later merged with Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches in Los Angeles, CA.

He is an ex-associate professor of oncology, hematology and internal medicine and spent 20 years teaching in University of California, Irvine on a voluntary basis. He is triple board certified and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. In 2007 the Congress of the United States House of Representatives gave him and his wife a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for outstanding and dedicated services to the community.

Please visit GRANDHE.ORG for all the information which will be presented in NRIVA meet. Also you can download his book, “Wall Street Dos and Don’ts/ Formulas to Make Money” free of charge from website.

Topic : Trading and Investment Insights

A resident of NRIVA Tampa and a IIT Madras grad, has 18 years of experience in Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, and Forex trading. A certified Investment advisor and Fund manager, worked for Barclays earlier in their investment division.

Topic : Hedge Funds - Behind the Insights the way algos work

A NRIVA DC resident, with 20+ years of experience as investor, trader, and advisor in stock market investments. During his collage days in India, he helped his family business and parents at Hyderabad stock exchange and National Stock exchange (NSE). He underwent training at Bombay stock exchange and was a professional trader and market maker for more than 3 years before moving to USA. Currently he advises multiple investor groups on a daily basis with main goal of not to loose money in stock market.