A 2-hour information loaded stocks&investment session with presentations from market experts followed by open panel discussion and Q&A.

1)  Rajendra Prasad
2)  Vamshi Yelakanti
3)  Jaya Krishna Devaki

TOPIC : Wallstreet Strategies

  • Why stocks fall immediately after we investors buy stocks.
  • How algorithms work and how hedge funds use them.
  • How manipulation occurs even with strict rules from FINRA.
  • How to buy stocks to get the best price.
  • How to earn interest in your brokerage account.
  • How to earn royalty on your stock you are holding for longterm.
  • How to be consistently profitable in trading or investments?
  • How to manage risk?
  • How do I manage my portfolio by hedging?
  • Investment and trading styles?
  • Income generating strategies on stocks and options?
  • I need more help and someone to review my portfolio, risk profile. Who can help?
About Speakers:

Mr. Market is his pen name. In 1992 he became a registered investment advisor. He published a leading market timing newsletter for investing in mutual funds. He was interviewed numerous times on television. He has been quoted in Investors Business Daily and in magazines. He has published two books on stock market successfully. He is a retired associate professor of medicine. He has donated a lot to charity.

Vamshi Yelakanti

A NRIVA DC resident, with 20+ years of experience as investor, trader, and advisor in stock market investments. During his collage days in India, he helped his family business and parents at Hyderabad stock exchange and National Stock exchange (NSE). He underwent training at Bombay stock exchange and was a professional trader and market maker for more than 3 years before moving to USA. Currently he advises multiple investor groups on a daily basis with main goal of not to loose money in stock market.

JayaKrishna Devaki

A resident of NRIVA Tampa and a IIT Madras grad, has 18 years of experience in Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, and Forex trading. A certified Investment advisor and Fund manager, worked for Barclays earlier in their investment division.

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